AMP Energy Releases New Flavors

AMP Energy, part of the PepsiCo Family, released four exciting new flavors last month. Keeping the favorite Original and Cherry Blast flavors, the new lineup includes: Strawberry Limeade, Passion Fruit, Blueberry White Grape ZERO and Watermelon ZERO.

AMPEnergyNewFlavorsGreg Lyons, Vice President of Marketing at AMP Energy, states the reason for the bold new flavors: “We knew energy drink fans were craving some serious flavor innovation in the category, so we made flavor our number one priority when rolling out these four delicious new AMP Energy products.”

According to research from the Evaluative Criteria Energy A&U Study,  71% of energy beverage consumers believe that better taste is more important than more energy. On top of the new, unique flavors, AMP Energy has also introduced new packaging to highlight the exciting new flavors with vibrant images and colors, making a bold statement about the unique favors. This branding compliments the beverage’s blend of striking flavors, caffeine, B-Vitamins, and other ingredients that create the refreshing drink.

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