Amp Up on AMP Energy Drink

AMP Energy drink was first introduced in 2001 under the Mountain Dew brand. The drink was originally developed as an extension ofKeep Calm and Amp Up Mountain Dew using the same formula and citrus flavors. The popular energy drink is still a product of PepsiCo but is now sold under its own brand name. In 2013, AMP Energy ranked as the 5th top selling energy drink in the U.S. The energy drink line has gone through a few different branding efforts since being released in 2001. Today, the energy drink company has simplified its range of products to provide its consumers with an energy kick customized for their lifestyle and energy needs. Avid energy drink consumers, as well as everyone here at Mahaska are patiently awaiting the new innovative line products from AMP Energy, which will be released later this year.

The recipe for AMP Energy Original contains taurine, B-vitamins, guarana, ginseng and contains 74 milligrams of caffeine in an 8.4 fluid ounce can. The expanded product line now consists of 8 different flavors:

  • Original (Boost)
  • Original – Sugar Free (Boost)
  • Cherry (Boost)
  • Grape (Boost)
  • Lemonade (Active)
  • Lemonade Sugar Free (Active)
  • Orange (Active)
  • Mixed Berry (Focus)

In February 2010, a new series of juices was launched under the name AMP Energy Juices, which are made with similar ingredients to the energy drink but using  100% real juice. These juices are produced in two flavors: Orange and Mixed Berry, and are packaged in 12-ounce bottles. Also introduced at this time was AMP Energy Gum, which is made from a blend of B-vitamins, taurine and caffeine.

Amp Energy Gum

With a savvy marketing and PR team behind it, AMP Energy has been very successful at increasing its market visibility. In 2008, Amp Energy was the title sponsor of the NHL Classic Outdoor. Since then, the drink has held its esteemed position as the Official Drink of the NHL. Similarly, AMP Energy partnered with Burton Snowboards to sponsor the 27th US Open Snowboarding Championships in 2009.

Urijah Faber Amp Energy Shoes The brand even sponsored a U.S. Snowboard team which included big names like Mason Aguirre, Keir Dillon, and Kevin Pearce. AMP Energy is also the sponsor of UFC athletes Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes and Joseph Benavidez.


Probably its most well known sponsorship, AMP Energy has been an official sponsor of NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. since Dale Jr. Sour Amp Energy Drin2008. AMP Energy released a flavor called Tradin’ Paint (now discontinued) which was a limited edition Dale Earnhardt Jr. themed energy drink made from a combination of three flavors: orange, lime and berry. The product featured the same paint scheme as popular driver’s No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard Chevrolet car.  Last year in 2014, AMP Energy came out with another limited edition release called “Dale Jr. Sour.” As part of the new flavor promotion, fans were asked to submit their best #SourFace via the AMP Energy Facebook page for a chance to win gear and race tickets.

“We didn’t partner with Dale Jr. to reach the largest number of people; we aligned with him to reach the right kind of people: the most loyal, passionate and avid fans,” says Jeff Filiberto from AMP Energy.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Amp Energy Car

Mahaska is proud to be a partner of AMP Energy. With its clever marketing and continually evolving products, the beverage has been a top choice among energy drinkers for over a decade. Consumers are getting amped on Amp Energy’s new look set to release later this year!

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