Benefits of Drinking Klarbrunn Sparkling Water

Trying to cut those soda cravings but don’t know where to reach? Sparkling water may be the perfect option for you. Sparkling water is often times looked upon as a healthier option to soda, which is true, but it also has many benefits you might not have known. Not only does Klarbrunn sparkling water contain zero calories or sodium, it also helps to improve different health problems.

1. 0 Sodium, 0 Calories

Klarbrunn sparkling water contains absolutely no calories or sodium, making it stand apart from many other sparkling waters in the crowd. Often times, sparkling water is accompanied by added sodium and sugar, adding hidden calories you may not be aware about. Klarbrunn’s 9 different flavors are derived from all natural sources, making sure not to sneak in any extra sugar or sodium your body doesn’t need.

2. Hydrates

Many people believe that carbonated water is actually dehydrating, but that is not true! Sparkling water is just as nutritious as normal water. Water is a nutrient our body needs on a daily basis, fueling us during anything and everything that we do. Many of us are not drinking near enough water as we should be, but jazzing up your water intake with sparking water may help get those extra fluids in your body needs.

3. Improves Health

Klarbrunn sparkling water helps aid in digestion and help to relieve stomach pain. If you are not feeling up to par after eating, drinking a glass of sparking water can help reduce bloating, nausea and other uneasy feelings sometimes experienced after eating. Research has also shown an improvement in constipation by people who drank carbonated water. Fluids are a crucial ingredient to help regulate our bodies digestive cycle.  For those seeking weight loss, sparking water also helps to suppress your appetite, as it can be very filling when drank in large quantities.

Klarbrunn is a brand that has flourished after the introduction of their first iconic product, sparkling water. Klarbrunn sparkling water has paved the way in the sparkling water industry and maintains popularity due to the great taste and true purity of the product. Next time you are reaching for that soda, try a can of Klarbrunn sparkling water. Want to carry Klarbrunn? Contact us today to learn about how you can carry Klarbrunn sparkling water and other Klarbrunn products in your business!